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There are thousands of underprivileged, talented students with great potential. Most of them drop out of school due to lack of school fees and instead opt to work at a very young age. When their dreams are ended prematurely they have nothing else to turn to except poverty. Many children who are supposed to become professionals in the field of medicine, engineering, law, teaching, finance, consulting, social activism, information technology etc… are forced to become child laborers.

The hands that have the ability to hold a stethoscope and serve patients can be seen washing glasses in tea shops. The legs that have the ability to score marvelous goals can be seen pulling a loaded cart without a foot wear. A poor student’s destiny is often determined by economic backwardness and not by his real talent. If given an opportunity, they can also shine like better privileged children.

Thinking on this issue, five of us came together as a group in September 2009. We discussed, argued, deliberated for hours and finally found that each of us were keen on EDUCATION FOR POOR STUDENTS. We realized that we shared the same idea and a vision of the future; that is to bridge this gap in our society and we were willing to contribute towards this socially responsible cause. Initially, we formulated our Objectives, Mission, Vision and also an Action Plan without having a name for our group . Slowly as we started to spread the idea and many good hearted, socially conscious folks joined our group with active participation, Naalai Namadhey was formed.

When we join hands, we can make education the most powerful tool and enable young minds achieve their dreams, create employed youth, help to lead them out of poverty thereby we can build a concrete and valuable society. We started our first project execution in July 2013. We had identified 16 underprivileged talented students and sponsored their school fees to continue their education. In the following year, June 2014, due to much more kind hearted contributors, we were able to contribute more by sponsoring school fees for 39 students.

We believe that our progressive journey will continue and we will grow to serve better…


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